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Druid Hills Radio

Station Ownership & FCC Info

Section I Statement of Purpose and Disclaimer
Druid Hills Radio is a private neighborhood oriented radio station. Its mission
 is to give the listening area an air wave voice of its own. Local businesses, civic groups, etc.
 are encouraged to request ad space for broadcast.  Its postal mailing address is:
Druid Hills Radio AM-1610
PO Box 2263
Saint Leo, FL 33574
Section II Content
a. The majority of broadcasts incorporate talk radio, old time radio re-broadcasts, 
local weather, music mixes created by Druid Hills Radio and other show of interest.
b. Public service announcements and commercials are also aired everyday.
Section III Ownership Profile
a. Druid Hills Radio is privately owned and operated. There are no investors and no 
investments are solicited in any way. 
Section IV Equipment List
a.      Druid Hills Radio uses various amounts of equipment to create professional broadcast 
both online and on the air waves. 
The AM transmitter is FCC Certified under Part 15.219 and 
not subject to the General Emisson Requirements specified in Part 15.209 as recently 
determined by the Office of Engineering Technology.
Section V Pre-Operation Testing and Surveying
a. Prior to operating the AM frequency portion of this radio broadcast, a number 
of internal/external surveys and tests were performed by the owner. This was to insure a clear
 signal, which would not impose on the rights of both licensed commercial stations and 
listeners of the same.  As a result, 1610 kHz was selected.
b. This station fully complies with the technical requirements of
 FCC Rules & Regulations, Part 15.219.